Halal Daddy

Ragh­dan Aziz, a young man of Bri­tish-Indian Mus­lim heri­ta­ge, is hap­py in his new home on the west coast of Ire­land. This beach-fron­ted retre­at is the per­fect geta­way from his con­trol­ling father. He has escaped the bur­den of his lega­cy and dis­co­ve­r­ed a new sen­se of com­mu­ni­ty. Living with his ado­ring aunt and uncle, Ragh­dan hangs out with his surf bud­dies Derek and Nevil­le and has map­ped out a future with girl­friend, Maeve Logan. On Raghdan’s 21st bir­th­day, his father Amir arri­ves from Eng­land with the gift of a run-down meat fac­to­ry. How will Ragh­dan cope with this poi­son­ed cha­li­ce of a pre­sent – a care­er oppor­tu­ni­ty that he never wanted?


Release date Germany

21. Juni 2018

Writer / Director

Conor McDer­mot­t­roe


Mark O’Halloran


Mel Grif­fith

Producer Florin Filme

Her­mann Florin

Producer Deadpan Pictures

Ailish McEl­meel


Nikesh Patel, Sarah Bol­ger, Colm Mea­ney, Art Malik, David Kross, Jer­ry Iwu, Ste­phen Cromwell

Fotos: © Flo­rin Film / Ben­rae Flo­rin Films / Dead­pan Pic­tures / Patrick Redmond

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