Halal Daddy

Raghdan Aziz, a young man of British-Indian Muslim heritage, is happy in his new home on the west coast of Ireland. This beach-fronted retreat is the perfect getaway from his controlling father. He has escaped the burden of his legacy and discovered a new sense of community. Living with his adoring aunt and uncle, Raghdan hangs out with his surf buddies Derek and Neville and has mapped out a future with girlfriend, Maeve Logan. On Raghdan’s 21st birthday, his father Amir arrives from England with the gift of a run-down meat factory. How will Raghdan cope with this poisoned chalice of a present – a career opportunity that he never wanted?


Release date Germany

21. Juni 2018

Writer / Director

Conor McDermottroe


Mark O’Halloran


Mel Griffith

Producer Florin Filme

Hermann Florin

Producer Deadpan Pictures

Ailish McElmeel


Nikesh Patel, Sarah Bolger, Colm Meaney, Art Malik, David Kross, Jerry Iwu, Stephen Cromwell

Fotos: © Florin Film / Benrae Florin Films / Deadpan Pictures / Patrick Redmond

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